Notes from some of our friends.


'I bought Beau from Emelye in July and was amazed at how well he had been re-trained within the short space of 6-7 months, being polite, well mannered, established, very well looked after and cared for, my whole family instantly fell in love with him! Beau and I have been happily living together for 2 months now but we have grown such a close bond it feels like years, and we have recently just won our first rosette, and have no plans on stopping!

Beau and I are now off competing and excelling in Ex-Racer classes due to his amazing re-training by Em, Chase me Charlie due to our love for jumping and his amazing ability, and not forgetting Most Handsome Gelding due to how stunning he is with all his little spots!

Anyone who sees Beau is astonished by his manners and how well behaved he is on his own, with other horses and out and about. I'm so glad we chose to view Beau as he had the best owners I could have hoped for him and also it has ended up as a happily ever after! We will never sell him and I am sure he is loving his new life: constant pampering, cuddles and kisses!

I still keep in touch with Em about mine and Beau's progress as she truly cares for her horses she looks after and you can see her care reflected in the atmosphere and the horses there'